ratenkauf by easyCredit

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Partner Information

ABOUT RATENKAUF Germany’s easiest installment purchase solution

ratenkauf by easyCredit is the first payment option to offer a simple and standardized solution for e-commerce and for the point of sale.

TeamBank, with its easyCredit product family, is the liquidity management specialist in the Volksbanken Raiffeisenbanken cooperative financial network. Its ‘ratenkauf by easyCredit’ product is the first installment purchase solution that combines a simple and uniformly designed installment purchase function both for e-commerce and for a physical point of sale. Customers can make their ratenkauf by easyCredit installment purchase in just three steps. No paperwork, immediate approval, and complete flexibility throughout. Simple. Fair.


  • Revenue booster: more revenue due to higher purchase amounts
  • Profitable: fewer purchase cancellations thanks to the immediate credit check and approval
  • Safe: no payment defaults as TeamBank assumes the credit risk
  • Fair: excellent easyCredit processes offer transparency and flexibility for customers

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