Punchout Catalogs

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Big e-commerce corporations and business enterprises are always searching for a way to simplify their purchasing process and manage their spendings. In most cases, these companies rely on e-procurement systems (ERPs), like SAP or Ariba that automate many of the procurement processes and manage their purchase cycle. However, in the B2B environment, these buyers also demand access to an e-commerce interface that will interfere with the procurement system for expanding the market. Every ERP system has its own structure and is customized for clients’ needs that’s why connecting an ERP to an e-commerce system is a real challenge for development teams. Punchout Catalogs solves this problem by providing a standardized protocol for connecting ERP and e-commerce system. It helps to decrease the time needed for development and reduces the complexity as you don’t need to set up the connection to each of the clients’ ERP systems. It’s enough to customize the Punchout module that connects the ERP with the Spryker Commerce OS. With the help of Punchout Catalogs, a buyer can configure access from their e-procurement software to a Spryker web store. Such setup allows B2B buyers to avoid logins to multiple e-commerce websites and helps them to manage their procurement better. 

Check out this video to get more details on how Punchout works:

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