Shop Guide - Creating a Shopping Cart

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This topic describes how to create a new shopping cart in your customer account.

A shopping cart is a place in the e-commerce store where the products you are going to purchase are stored.

To create a shopping cart:

  1. On the Shopping Carts page or in the Shopping Cart Widget, click +Create Shopping Cart.
See [Shopping Carts: Reference Information](/docs/scos/user/shop-user-guides/202005.0/shop-guide-customer-account/references/shopping-carts-reference-information.html
for information on the Shopping Carts page contents.) ![Create shopping cart button](
  1. Enter the cart name in the Cart Name field. Create a cart
  2. Click Submit.

You can also create a shopping cart via a Shopping Cart Widget.

  1. Follow the steps described below to do so: Navigate to the header of the shop application → My Cart.
  2. Click Create New Cart. Create a new cart from the widget
  3. Enter the name of the cart in the Cart Name field.
  4. Click Submit.

What’s next?

See Managing Shopping Carts to learn more about the actions you can do once the shopping cart is created.