Shop Guide - Creating a Return

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If you are not satisfied with the order items received from the seller or don’t need the items anymore, and the items are returnable according to the Return Policy, you can return them.

To return items from your order:

  1. Go to My Account > Order History.
  2. Click the return arrow next to the order you want to return. This takes you to the Create Return page.

You can also access the Create Return page from the Order Details page. To access the Order Details page, go to My Account > Order History and click View Order. Clicking Create Return in the top right corner of the Order Details page takes you to the Create Return page.

  1. Select the item(s) you want to return and, optionally, a reason for the return.

For a Configurable Bundle, you can’t select to return an entire Configurable Bundle, but you can select to return separate items from it. The Product Bundles, on the contrary, are handled as one product, so only the whole bundle can be returned. You can not return individual items of a Product Bundle.

  1. Click Create Return. This takes you to the Return Details page which contains all the information on your return.

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