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On the Profile page, you can set/update the general information for your profile.

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The article describes how you can manage your profile information in your Customer Account, and provides step-by-step instructions on how to:

  • update the profile details
  • change customer account password

To start working with the profile information, navigate to the Customer Account > Profile section.

Setting / Updating Initial Profile Details

You can update salutation, first and last names, and email address for the Customer Account in the Update Profile section.

To set/update them:

  1. In the Salutation drop-down list, select the appropriate salutation.
  2. In the First Name text field, enter your First Name.
  3. In the Last Name text field, enter your Last Name.
  4. In the Email field, enter your email address. This email is used for logging into your Customer Account.
  5. Once done, click Submit.

Changing Customer Account Password

You can update the password for your Customer Account at any time in the Change Password section. To do that:

  1. In the Old Password field, enter the old password for your Customer Account.
  2. In the New Password field, enter the new password that you would like to set. You will need to use the new password for login from the next session.
  3. In the Confirm Password field, enter the new password one more time.
  4. Once done, click Submit.

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