Shopping Carts- Reference Information

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Shopping Carts

Shopping Carts page is the page where you can access your shopping carts. Don’t have a shopping cart? Start creating it!

There are two ways to open the Shopping Carts page:

  1. Via a Shopping Cart Widget. Go to the header of the shop application → My Cart → All Carts. Shopping cart widget

  2. Via a Customer Account. Navigate to your user icon → Overview → Shopping Carts submenu. Customer account overview

On the Shopping Carts page, you see the following:

Shopping cart page

# Element Description
1 Customer account menu A menu with navigation items to specific sections where you can manage your customer information.
2 Shopping Cart Name See Editing Shopping Cart to change the name of the shopping cart.
3 Access There are three types of access to a shopping cart: Owner, Full Access, and Read-only.
4 No. of items A number of items placed in the cart.
5 Prices Displays the prices according to its type: Gross or Net.
6 Total Cart total amount.
7 Status Displays the status of the cart. See Approval Process feature overview for more information on statuses. Available only after the Approval Process feature has been integrated into your project.
8 Actions A set of actions you can d with a shopping cart.
9 + Create Shopping Cart Creates a new shopping cart.

Shopping Cart

You can access a Shopping Cart page by clicking on a respective shopping cart name on the Shopping Carts page: Shopping cart page overview Every Shopping Cart page consists of: Shopping cart page

# Element Description
1 Price Mode Displays Net or Gross prices in the cart.
2 Products The list of products in the shopping cart with their quantity, price, measurement, and packaging units.
3 Add a note for the cart A section where you can add a note to a cart.
4 Add to Shopping List A Widget that allows adding the products from the shopping cart into a shopping list.
5 Quick Add to Cart A search widget that allows quick adding products to a cart by searching them via SKU or name.
6 Your Order Includes the number of Items in the shopping cart, Discounts (if any applicable), taxes, Subtotal, and Grand Total.
7 Approval Request A widget that allows sending the cart for approval. Appears only when the Approval Process feature is integrated.
8 Action Buttons The actions you can do with the RFQ. Can vary depending on the RFQ status.
The number of sections and widgets on the shopping cart page may differ. That depends on the configuration your project has.