Return Details- Reference Information

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All the returns that you created, as well as the returns created for you by the Shop Owner, are displayed on the My Account > Returns page.

Actions Column on the Returns Page

All the return options that you can invoke from the Actions column on the List of Returns page are described in the following table.

Action Description
View Takes you to the Overview of Return: [Return reference] page. Here, you can find all the information about the chosen return.
Print Slip Takes you to the print version of the return slip.

Return Details page

The following table describes attributes of the Return Details page when you view a return:

header Attribute Description
Return attributes Order ref Order reference number.
Return ref Return reference number.
Return date Date when the return was created.
Return item attributes Return item statuses Statuses of your return. They can be Waiting for return, Returned refunded or any other.
Quantity Product quantity.
Items to return Number of items to be returned.
Remuneration total Total remuneration.

Return  details page