Request for Quote- Reference Information

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This page contains the information on the UI elements and pages that refer to the Quotation Process & RFQ.

Quote Requests

Quote Requests is the page where you can access all your RFQs. Don’t have an RFQ? Start creating it.

On the Quote Requests page, you see the following:

  • Quote Request number, its status, and date when it was created
  • Name of the customer who created the quote reques
  • Total amount of the quote request
  • Actions you can perform on the quote request

By default, the last created RFQ goes on top of the table.

Quote Request

Every Quote Request page consists of the following parts: Quote request page

# Element
1 RFQ Header
2 Price Mode
3 Products
4 Shipment method
5 RFQ Details
6 Addresses and Shipment method
7 Your Order
8 Actions