Shop Guide - Wishlists

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This article describes how you, as a Buyer, can create and manage wishlists in the Storefront.

You can create multiple wishlists and save products to them for future purchases. This may be useful when, for example, you do not intend to purchase products at the moment but want to do this later once you return to the online store. Also, you can add to these lists the products you are interested in.

In the Wishlists section of your customer account, you can perform the following actions:

  • create multiple wishlists
  • view wishlists details, including the date of creation and the quantity of products the wishlist has
  • update the wishlist name or remove the wishlist (if needed)
  • add products from the wishlist to the cart

To start working with the wishlists, navigate to the Customer Account > Wishlist section.

Creating Wishlists

The feature is available only for logged-in users.

To create a wishlist, on the Wishlist page, enter a name of the wishlist you want to create and click Add new wishlist to keep the changes.

Creating a wishlist

Tips and tricks

You can also create a wishlist from the product detail page when adding a product to the wishlist. For more information on how to create a wishlist on the product detail page, see Shop Guide - Managing Products.

Managing Wishlists

To update the wishlist name:

  1. Click Edit for the wishlist and change the name.
  2. To keep the changes, click Save.

Editing a wishlist

To remove the wishlist, click Delete. Once done, the message confirming that the wishlist has been removed from your Customer Account will pop-up.

Removing a wishlist

To view the wishlist details, select the wishlist you want to view. This will open the [Wishlist name] page where you can do the following:

  • View the product information, including a product name, attributes, price, and availability in the warehouse.
  • Add all products or the selected ones from the wishlist to the cart. To do this, click Add all available products to cart or Add to Cart respectively. Once done, the item(s) will be added to the active cart.
  • Remove the product from the wishlist. To do this, click Remove. This will remove the item from the active wishlist.
  • Navigate to the product detail page. For more information on how to manage the products on the page, see Shop Guide - Managing Products

Viewing a wishlist

What’s next?

If you have added the products to the cart, you can proceed to the checkout. For more information on how to place the order, see Shop Guide - Checkout.