Shop Guide - Request for Quote

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Requests for Quote allow your Buyers to bargain for products competitively. With this feature, a Buyer can send requests to a Sales Representative asking them for a better price on products in the cart. The Sales Representative in their turn can respond to the quote with the new prices, or even create a special offer for a specific buyer on their initiative, without receiving a request. For more information, see Quotation Process & RFQ.

The articles included in this section:

Creating an RFQ describes the steps you need to take to create an RFQ.

Managing RFQs for a Buyer defines the procedures for managing an RFQ that a Buyer can do.

Managing RFQs for a Sales Representative describes the procedures a Sales Representative can do.

RFQ: Reference Information contains details on the UI elements for the RFQ pages in the shop application. Request for Quote