Shop Guide - Request for Quote- Reference Information

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This page contains the information on the UI elements and pages that refer to the Quotation Process & RFQ.

Quote Requests

Quote Requests is the page where you can access all your RFQs. Don’t have an RFQ? Start creating it.

On the Quote Requests page, you see the following: Quote requests

# Element Description
1 Customer account menu A menu with navigation items to specific sections where you can manage your customer information.
2 Quote Request Reference A unique identifier of the RFQ in the system.
3 Owner The name of the company user for whom the RFQ has been created.
4 Total RFQ total amount.
5 Date The date when the RFQ has been created.
6 Status The status of the RFQ. See RFQ Statuses for the details.
7 Actions A set of actions you can do with the RFQ.

By default, the last created RFQ goes on top of the table.

Quote Request

Every Quote Request page consists of the following parts: Quote request page

# Element Description
1 RFQ Header Includes Purchase Order number, Notes and Do not ship later than fields.
2 Price Mode Can be Gross or Net.
3 Products The list of products in the RFQ with their quantity, price, measurement and packaging units.
4 RFQ Details This section contains: date - the date when the RFQ was created; company - the company where the RFQ was created; business unit - the business unit the RFQ belongs to; customer - the name of the company user who created the RFQ; status- the RFQ status; valid till - the date until which the RFQ is valid (is set by a Sales Representative); history - a drop-down list with the available RFQ versions.
5 Your Order Includes the number of items in the RFQ, Discounts (if any applicable), taxes, Subtotal, and Grand Total.
6 Actions The actions you can do with the RFQ. Can vary depending on the RFQ status.