Shop Guide - Managing Requests for Quotes for a Sales Representative

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This topic describes the procedure for managing the RFQs from the perspective of the Sales Representative.

To be able to perform the tasks, you need to be logged into an Agent Account. Try using our test agent account, the username is, password is change123.

A Sales Representative can manage the RFQs by:

  • Viewing the RFQs for the company.
  • Editing the items in the RFQ.
  • Suggesting prices by editing them directly in the RFQs.
  • Creating RFQs for customers.

Viewing the RFQs

To view the RFQs created both by yourself as a Sales Representative or by customers, hover over the Quote Request Widget in the header. In the Quote Request Widget, 5 last RFQs are shown. To view all the RFQs, click View all requests in the Quote Request Widget. Quote request widget

Editing Items in an RFQ

You, as a Sales Representative, can also edit items in an RFQ.

To edit items in an RFQ:

  1. On the Quote Request page, click Edit.
  2. On the Edit RFQ page, click Edit Items. Edit items agent

You can change the item quantity, measurement units, remove the existing products from the RFQ or add the products from the catalog. 3. Click Save and Back to Edit in Quote Request Widget after you have finished. The changes will be saved to an RFQ. Edit items agent

Revising the RFQs and Sending to Customers

To respond to customers’ Quote Requests and suggest them special prices, you need to revise the Quote Requests and send them to customers. To revise a Quote Request:

  1. On the Quote Request page, click Revise, if the Quote is in the Draft or Waiting status. See Changing the Price for Products for the detailed information on how to edit prices while revising a Quote Request.
Once you clicked **Revise**, the quote's status changes to In Progress. The customer also sees the quote status change in the **Customer Account -> Quote Request** page.

If the Quote Request’s status is In Progress, click Edit. Now you can: a. (Optional) Update the RFQ details by:

  • Selecting Show the latest version to customer check box to allow the Buyer to see the updates you have done in the RFQ.
  • Entering a Purchase order number.
  • Selecting a due date in Do not ship later than field.
  • Adding the Notes.
  • Adding a date until which the RFQ is right in Valid Till field. Create RFQ agent
If you check the **Show latest version to customer** checkbox, the customer will see the updates you did after the RFQ is sent back.

b. (Optional) Change the prices for products in the RFQ and offer your customers a special price. To do that, untick Use Default Prices check box next to the product the price of which you want to update. Change a price for RFQ agent

  1. After the Quote Request has been revised, you can either Save it or Send to Customer. image If you save the RFQ, it will just be saved with the changes you made, the customer will not see the changes. The Save option is useful when you have not finished revising the RFQ yet and want to get back to it later. Once you have finished revising the RFQ, you need to send it to the customer, so they can see your suggestion.
Clicking **Send to Customer** changes the quote's status to Ready. The customer can either convert the ready Quote Request to cart or request an even better price.
*** ## Creating an RFQ for a Customer

A Sales Representative can create an RFQ for a customer if for some reason the customer can not do it. Also, a Sales Representative can create a price suggestion for a customer on their own initiative, without the customer’s request.

To create an RFQ for a customer:

  1. Hover over the Quote Request Widget in the header.

  2. Click Create new Quote Request.

  3. On the Create Quote Request page, start entering the customer’s name for whom the Quote Request is being created. Create Quote Request

  4. From the drop-down list of suggestions, select the necessary customer.

  5. Click Save.

  6. (Optional) Edit the Request for Quote. Click Edit to:

  • Select Show the latest version to customer check box to allow the Buyer to see the updates you have done in the RFQ.
  • Enter a Purchase order number.
  • Select a due date in Do not ship later than field.
  • Add the Notes.
  • Add a date until which the RFQ is right in Valid Till field Create RFQ agent

If the Show the latest version to customer checkbox is not selected, the company user will not be able to access the RFQ in their account.

  • Add products to the RFQ by clicking Edit Items on the Edit page.