Shop Guide - Creating a Request for Quote

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This topic describes how a buyer can create a new Request for Quote (RFQ).

RFQs are the requests that you can submit to bargain the final price from the supplier.

To create a new RFQ:

  1. Open the Shopping Cart page.

  2. Click Request a Quote. image

  3. Optional: On the Create Quote Request page populate the fields:

  • Select a due date in DO NOT SHIP LATER THAN field
  • Add the NOTES
  1. On the Create Quote Request page click Submit Request. This will create a Request for Quote in Draft status in your Customer Account.

See Buyer Workflow for more information on the request statuses and the workflow.

See Reference Information for details on UI elements in the Quote Requests page in the Customer Account.

What’s next?

The Quote Request is created in your Customer Account, but the Sales Representative does not have it yet. So you can do the following:

  1. Send the quote to the Sales Representative to negotiate the price.
  2. Cancel the Quote Request, if you created it by mistake or don’t need it anymore etc.
  3. Edit the Quote Request by changing the number of products, quantities, measurement units etc. or providing more details (like purchase number, preferred shipment dates and adding comments) on the request.

See Managing RFQs to learn how you can perform these actions.