Shop Guide - Managing Agent Account

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This topic describes the procedures for performing the Agent-related tasks in the shop interface.

An agent is a person who can help buyers to perform various activities in the shop interface. For this purpose, an Agent has access to any account of the company user within the company.

To start working with the Agent account, log in to it. The test account is available via link. Username is, the password is change123.

Agent account is represented via an Agent Widget.

Logging in to a Customer Account for Assistance

To log in to a company account of another user:

  1. Start typing the name or email address of the company user you are going to log in to in the Search field of the Agent Widget. image

  2. Select the account suggested in the drop-down list and click Confirm.

Now you can see the account of the customer under which you have logged in.

Ending Customer Assistance

After you have completed your assistance in the customer account, you need to end it. To do so, click End Customer Assistance in the Agent Widget. image