Shop Guide - Shopping Lists

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The Shopping Lists page allows customers to create and manage the shopping lists of frequently purchased products and add all the items to the cart as well as manage existing shopping lists.

There are two ways to open the Shopping Lists page:

Make sure that you are logged in to your customer account.
  1. Go to the header of your shop application and click Shopping Lists. Shopping lists header

  2. In your Customer Account, select Shopping Lists on the left-side navigation bar. Shopping list

Graphic User Interface

Hover your mouse over the numbers to view their description.
![Shopping lists GUI]( *** ## Creating a New Shopping List
Keep in mind that you must be logged in to your customer account.

To create a shopping list, enter a shopping list name and click + Create shopping list. Create a shopping list

A new shopping list appears in the table of your shopping lists. **

Adding Items to a New Shopping List

After you have created a shopping list, there are no items in it. Thus, the next step is to add product items to this list.

There are two ways to add items to your shopping list:

Adding Products from the Product Detail Page

  1. Navigate to a product detail page of the product you would like to add to a shopping list.
  2. From the drop-down list, select the name of the shopping list where you want to add a product item and click Add to Shopping list. Add to shopping list

The product item will be successfully added to your shopping list.

Managing Shopping Lists

Customers can view their own or shared shopping lists, edit, share, print, delete them, and add them to cart on the Shopping lists page.

Editing Shopping Lists

To edit a shopping list, click Edit next to the shopping list you would like to change.

Editing shopping lists

The Edit shopping list page opens where you can:

  • Add an item to a shopping list. For this, search an item by its SKU or name (1), specify the quantity (2), and then add it to the shopping list (3). Quick add to a shopping list
To be able to search for products, make sure that [Search Widget for Concrete Products](/docs/scos/user/features/201907.0/product-feature-overview/search-widget-for-concrete-products-overview.html
feature is [integrated](/docs/scos/user/shop-user-guides/201907.0/shop-guide-shopping-lists.html) into your project.)
  • View the shopping list owner and access rights. View a shopping list owner and access rights

  • View the shopping list details: its price, name, SKU, etc.

  • Change the product item quantity using minus and plus buttons. View details

  • Add a note to the item. To save the note, click Save. See Shopping List Notes Feature Overview for more details.

  • Select the warranty option from the drop-down list. Warranty options

  • Select the insurance option. Insurance option

  • Remove the item from the shopping list. Remove the item from the shopping list

  • Remove all product items from the shopping list by clicking Remove all at the bottom of the list.

  • Delete the shopping list. To do this, click Delete at the bottom of the shopping list.

To keep the changes, click Submit.

Sharing Shopping Lists

You can share (grant access rights) your shopping lists with business units or individual customers.

To share a shopping list:

  1. Click Share on the Shopping lists page. Share button

  2. From the drop-down list next to the business unit or customer you want to share a shopping list with, select the appropriate access rights level.

See [Permissions Management for Shared Shopping Lists](/docs/scos/user/features/201907.0/shopping-lists-feature-overview/multiple-and-shared-shopping-lists-overview.html
to learn more about types of shopping list access rights.) ![Share page](
  1. Click Share.

Printing Shopping Lists

Here you can print your own and shared shopping lists of products with their barcodes.

To print a shopping list, click Print on the Shopping lists page. Printing a shopping list

This will open the shopping list containing its ID, name, product SKU and barcode, product name, default price, and a note (if any), which you can print. Printable shopping list

Deleting a Shopping List

Clicking Delete will delete a shopping list from your shopping lists. Delete a shopping list

Adding Shopping Lists to Cart

It is possible to add selected shopping lists to cart with one click.

To add a shopping list with product items to cart, select the shopping list (lists) in the Name column and click Add selected to cart.

Add selected to cart

The shopping list with the available items will be added to the shopping cart. See Shopping Cart to learn how to manage and purchase items using the cart.

Dismissing Shared Shopping Lists

If you do not need a shopping list shared with you, you can remove it from your shopping lists.

To remove a shared list, click Dismiss for the respective list. Dismissing a shared shopping list

This will delete the shared shopping list from your customer account.