Shop Guide - Company Account

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Company Account Overview page allows your shop owner to manage the company in the shop application.

To open the Company Account page, go to the header of the shop application → Name of your company → Overview.

Company account header

Graphic User Interface

Company Account GUI

The Company Overview page consists of the following elements:

# Element Description
1 Company Account menu Use this menu to manage your Company: Overview, Users, Business Units, Roles.
2 Company Name Displays the name of the company.
3 Company Address Displays the address your company has.

Creating a New Company

To create a Company in the web-shop, go to /company/register and register a company.

Register a company

Fill in the required (*) fields to complete the registration.

After the company has been registered, it should be approved in the Back Office to continue building the hierarchy.

Once the company is approved, a Company Administrator can go to /company/overview page and create (and then also edit and delete) users, addresses, roles and business roles.

A Company Administrator needs to log out and then log in to refresh the changes.
Don't forget to check out the video tutorial on setting up [Company](/docs/scos/user/features/201907.0/company-account-feature-overview/company-accounts-overview.html) Structure in Spryker [B2B Demo Shop](/docs/scos/user/intro-to-spryker/b2b-suite.html):
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