Shop Guide - Checkout

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Checkout allows purchasing the items added to the cart.

If you have several shopping carts in your account, choose the right one and proceed with the checkout. See [Shop Guide - Shopping Carts](/docs/scos/user/shop-user-guides/201907.0/shopping-carts/shopping-carts.html
for more information.)

A typical checkout process includes the following steps:

  • Address: Define one or several delivery addresses and add a billing address.
  • Shipment: Select a shipment method and/or a delivery date.
  • Payment: Select the payment method.
  • Summary: View the details, update the information, if needed, and place the order.

Checkout process

What’s next?

After you added items to cart, it is time to proceed to the Address step and enter the delivery information.

To learn more on how to set a delivery address, see Shop Guide - Address step.