Shop Guide - Company Users

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Company Users page allows your shop owner to manage the company users.

To open the Company Users page, go to the header of the shop application → Name of your company → Users.

Company user header

Graphic User Interface

Company users GUI

The Company Users page consists of the following elements:

# Element Description
1 Company Account menu Use this menu to manage your Company: Overview, Users, Business Units, Roles.
2 Name First and last names of the company user.
3 Business Unit Displays the business unit the user belongs to.
4 Roles The role(s) assigned to the company user. The multiple roles are separated by commas.
5 Enable A toggle button that enables/disables a user. See Enabling/Disabling the Company User for more details.
6 Actions Click a respective button to either EditEdit icon or DeleteDelete icon a company user.
7 Invite Users Invites new users to the company. See Inviting Company Users for more details.
8 + Create User This button creates a new company user. See Creating a New Company User for more details.
9 < [page number] > [page number] is the number of the page you are currently on. Here you can switch to the previous page < or to the next page >.

Creating a New Company User

To create a new company user, do the following:

  1. On the Company Users page click +Create User.

  2. Populate the required fields: Select from the drop-down list the business unit the user will be assigned to. Select the Roles the user will have. Select the salutation, fill in the first and last names and enter the email address.

Create a company user

  1. Click Submit.

Inviting Company Users

You can invite new users by uploading a CSV file. To do that:

  1. Click Invite Users.
  2. By clicking Choose File, select the CSV file.

Invite users

  1. Click Submit.

Editing an Existing Company User

You can edit the existing user details by completing the steps below:

  1. On the Company Users page, clickEdit icon next to the company user you would like to edit.

Edit a company user

  1. Update the necessary fields.
  2. Click Submit.

Enabling / Disabling the Company User

You can temporarily enable/disable the company user by switching the toggle in the Enable column.

Deleting a Company User

You can delete a company user by clicking Delete icon icon next to the company user you are going to delete. Confirm the removal by clicking Delete.

Delete a user

Don’t forget to check out the video tutorial on setting up the Company Users in Spryker B2B Demo Shop: