Shop Guide - Summary Step

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To open the Confirmation step, you need to complete the Payment step.

The Confirmation step allows a customer to re-check the order information and confirm the order.

Graphic User Interface

![](../../Resources/Images/Shop User Guide/Checkout/Confirmation Step/confirm-ui.png)

The Summary page in the Checkout consists of the following elements

# Element Description
1 Payment Details regarding the payment method.
2 Shipping Details regarding the shipping method.
3 Items in the cart Overview of the items that were added to the cart (their quantity and price).
4 Enter voucher code A field for entering the voucher code.
5 Overview The cart total including taxes, shipping costs and discounts applied.
6 Submit your order Submits the order for processing.

Confirming and Submitting the Order

  1. Re-check the information entered from the previous steps.
  2. Click Submit your Order to finish the Checkout process.

The order will be submitted and available in the Administration Interface.

Last review date: Mar 06, 2019