Handling new feature requests

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At Spryker, we strive to deliver the software that suits our customers. That’s why we appreciate it when you contribute with your ideas, suggestions, and new features to the upcoming releases of the Spryker product. Please share your idea with others by posting it on the Spryker idea portal. Ensure that you clearly described your desired change and explained why this change is useful.

We consider the upvotes and comments for the existing ideas, so if you like someone else’s idea, feel free to upvote it and comment on it. The more votes an idea gets, the more chances it has to be developed! Spryker idea portal

What happens after I have created a feature request?

After we get your request, we evaluate your idea and gather the necessary details. The idea is marked as New in the Spryker idea portal. At this point, we may contact you and discuss the request in detail. Once we have the whole picture, your idea is moved to In Review. This status reflects the internal discussions about the idea. We assess the feature and decide on the next steps.

After our evaluation, we can assign the following statuses to the ideas:

Already exists This status is assigned if we already provide such a functionality out-of-the-box or a similar idea already exists in the system. In the case of two similar ideas, we merge them and update the requirements.
Ready For Approval/Refusal The idea gets this status when we are ready to approve or refuse it.
Future Consideration The idea obtains this status when we approve it.
Will Not Implement This status is assigned when we refuse the idea, and it will not be implemented.
Planned This status defines the ideas that have been approved by Spryker, and that will be implemented within the defined timeline. The idea will stay in this status until it gets into development.
In Progress The idea obtains this status when the development starts.
Shipped This status is assigned to the ideas that have been shipped by Spryker.

What should I expect next?

When the idea is shipped, we will inform you how to get this improvement or the new feature.