Security Release Notes - Code Releases May, 2020

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The following information pertains to security-related issues that have been recently resolved. Issues are listed by description and affected modules.


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CSRF vulnerabilities

Starting from PHP 7.3, the session cookie supports the SameSite attribute, which decreases the attack surface. symfony/http-foundation supports the attribute since version 3.4.28, having it empty by default but configurable. Since versions 4.2.0, 4.3.0, and 4.4.0, the attribute is set to lax by default. We recommend updating and activating the feature accordingly.

CSRF protection in cart manipulation forms

Previously, without CSRF protection, it was possible to manipulate carts externally. To prevent this possibility, we’ve set a CSRF token to be generated for each cart-related operation.

Affected modules:

  • CartPage (3.17.0)
  • CustomerPage (2.17.0)
  • CustomerReorderWidget (6.8.0)
  • DiscountPromotionWidget (3.2.0)
  • ProductDetailPage (3.7.0)
  • ProductSetWidget (1.6.0)

Implementation instructions:

  1. Update the modules:
composer update spryker-shop/cart-page spryker-shop/customer-page spryker-shop/customer-reorder-widget spryker-shop/discount-promotion-widget spryker-shop/product-detail-page spryker-shop/product-set-widget
  1. Add the following global widgets to ShopApplicationDependencyProvider::getGlobalWidgets() on the project level:
  • AddToCartFormWidget::class
  • AddItemsFormWidget::class
  • CartChangeQuantityFormWidget::class
  • CustomerReorderFormWidget::class
  • CustomerReorderItemsFormWidget::class
  1. Adjust project-level templates for the cart-related operations, if you have any. Check the changes in core templates as an example.

CSRF protection in the login form

Previously, the login form was vulnerable to Login CSRF attacks. To avoid this vulnerability, we’ve set a CSRF token to be generated for every login form.

Affected modules:

  • Security (1.2.0)
  • CustomerPage (2.18.0)
  • AgentPage (1.6.0)

To implement the changes, update the modules:

composer update spryker/security spryker-shop/agent-page spryker-shop/customer-page

CSRF protection for account deletion

To prevent CSRF attacks, we’ve set account deletion to be done only on POST requests with a CSRF token.

Affected modules:

  • Customer (7.27.0)

To implement the changes, update the modules:

composer require spryker/customer:"^7.27.0" --update-with-dependencies

Vulnerabilities in Symfony components

We’ve updated Symfony components to get the security fixes.

Affected modules:

  • Symfony (3.3.8)

To implement the changes, update the modules:

composer require spryker/symfony:"^3.3.8" --update-with-dependencies

Validation for the log file name of Zed request Repeater

The Log file name of the Repeater is now validated by regex and does not allow forbidden symbols.

Affected modules:

  • ZedRequest (3.14.0)

To implement the changes, update the modules:

composer require spryker/zed-request:"^3.14.0" --update-with-dependencies

P.S. Thanks for reading, stay safe.