Security release notes - 202009.0

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The following information pertains to security-related issues that have been recently resolved. Issues are listed by description and affected modules.


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Response redirect validation doesn’t work for URL without protocol

The issue comes from the incomplete validation of the Domain Whitelist functionality in Spryker\Yves\Kernel\Controller\AbstractController. The whitelist configuration KernelConstants::DOMAIN_WHITELIST was not working for URLs without protocol, for example, //, because an incorrect regular expression had been utilized. Therefore it was possible for customers to be redirected to any resource.

To fix that, we did the following:

  • Adjusted AbstractController::redirectResponseExternal() to properly validate the URL domain.
  • Introduced RedirectUrlValidationEventDispatcherPlugin to validate if the redirect domain is allowed.

Affected modules:

  • Kernel (3.50.0)

How to get the fix:

  • Update the modules:
composer update spryker/kernel
  • Add the newly introduced plugin RedirectUrlValidationEventDispatcherPlugin into the EventDispatcherDependencyProvider::getEventDispatcherPlugins() stack of plugins on a project level.

CSRF token was ignored in the login form

After submitting the login form, CSRF token was ignored and not checked.

To fix the issue, we adjusted SecurityApplicationPlugin to get the correct CsrfManager service from the container.

Affected modules:

  • Security (1.2.0)

How to get the fix:

  • Update the modules:
composer update spryker/security

Add to Cart action and other forms for cart manipulation had no CSRF protection

CSRF validation for Symfony forms used in the cart-related actions was missing. Thus, it was possible to update and manipulate the user’s cart externally by tricking the user into visiting an attacker website while browsing the Spryker shop.

In the release, we have fixed this behavior. To make it possible, AddItemsFormWidget has been introduced to render a Symfony form with CSRF protection for addItems action. Also, several CartController actions were adjusted, so they now check for a valid CSRF token. To properly render Symfony forms instead of plain HTML, we modified cart-item.twig and other TWIG templates.

For the CustomerReorderWidget module, several similar improvements have been made. Such as introducing CustomerReorderFormWidget and adjusting OrderController::reorderAction() along with OrderController:: reorderItemsAction() to render Symfony form with CSRF protection.

These templates were adjusted to incorporate the new AddItemsFormWidget and AddToCartFormWidget: cart-discount-promotion-products-list.twig, product-configurator.twig, product-set-cms-content.twig, product-set-details.twig and product-set.twig.

Affected modules:

  • CartPage (3.17.0)
  • CustomerPage (2.17.0)
  • CustomerReorderWidget (6.8.0)
  • DiscountPromotionWidget (3.2.0)
  • ProductDetailPage (3.7.0)
  • ProductSetWidget (1.6.0)

How to get the fix:

  • Update the modules:
composer update spryker-shop/cart-page spryker-shop/customer-page spryker-shop/customer-reorder-widget spryker-shop/discount-promotion-widget spryker-shop/product-detail-page spryker-shop/product-set-widget
  • Register the following widgets in ShopApplicationDependencyProvider::getGlobalWidgets:

    • AddToCartFormWidget::class
    • AddItemsFormWidget::class
    • CartChangeQuantityFormWidget::class
    • CustomerReorderFormWidget::class
    • CustomerReorderItemsFormWidget::class
  • Add the translation for form.csrf.error.text into glossary.csv.

Fraud risk in EasyCredit payment method of Heidelpay ECO module

The issue was revealed after EasyCredit notified us about a vulnerability discovered by one of our customers. To have the EasyCredit method available in checkout, the delivery country has to be whitelisted (by default, it’s Germany), and the shipping address must be the same as the billing address. There is no fraud validation of this case on the PSP side.

To solve this problem, the following has been done:

  • Adjusted HeidelpayFacade::filterPaymentMethods() to filter out EasyCredit method if the billing address is not the same as the shipping address.
  • Impacted HeidelpayPaymentMethodFilterPlugin with facade changes.
  • Introduced HEIDELPAY:CONFIG_HEIDELPAY_EASYCREDIT_CRITERIA_COUNTRY_ISO_CODES environment configuration to set allowed counties for EasyCredit payment method.

Affected modules:

  • Heidelpay (2.4.0)

How to get the fix:

  • Update the modules:
composer update spryker-eco/heidelpay

CSRF validation in forms

After revealing and fixing several occurrences of the missing CSRF validations, a big audit through the whole Spryker code had been performed. And as part of this audit, all POST forms were adjusted to be equipped with proper CSRF validation. Controllers in around 30+ modules were adjusted as well as molecules and views in spryker-shop widgets.

Affected modules:

  • Acl (3.7.0)
  • BusinessOnBehalfGui (1.2.0)
  • CMS (7.9.0)
  • CmsBlockGui (2.5.0)
  • CmsGui (5.7.0)
  • CmsSlotGui (1.1.0)
  • CompanyBusinessUnitGui (2.7.0)
  • CompanyGui (1.4.0)
  • CompanyRoleGui (1.5.0)
  • CompanyUserGui (1.5.0)
  • ConfigurableBundleGui (1.1.0)
  • Discount (9.9.0)
  • FileManagerGui (1.2.0)
  • Gui (3.33.0)
  • MerchantGui (3.2.0)
  • MerchantRelationshipGui (1.6.0)
  • NavigationGui (2.7.0)
  • ProductListGui (2.1.0)
  • ProductOption (8.8.0)
  • ProductPackagingUnitGui (1.1.10)
  • ProductReviewGui (1.2.0)
  • ProductSearch (5.11.0)
  • ProductSetGui (2.4.0)
  • Tax (5.9.0)
  • User (3.11.0)
  • Shop.CartCodeWidget (1.4.0)
  • Shop.CartPage (3.20.0)
  • Shop.CompanyPage (2.13.0)
  • Shop.ConfigurableBundlePage (1.2.0)
  • Shop.ConfigurableBundleWidget (1.5.0)
  • Shop.CustomerPage (2.24.0)
  • Shop.DiscountWidget (1.6.0)
  • Shop.GiftCardWidget (1.2.0)
  • Shop.MerchantSwitcherWidget (0.4.1)
  • Shop.MultiCartPage (2.4.0)
  • Shop.MultiCartWidget (1.6.0)
  • Shop.ProductAlternativeWidget (1.3.0)
  • Shop.SharedCartPage (2.4.0)
  • Shop.SharedCartWidget (1.7.0)
  • Shop.ShopUi (1.42.0)
  • Shop.ShoppingListPage (1.3.0)
  • Shop.WishlistPage (1.8.0)
  • Shop.WishlistWidget (1.2.0)

How to get the fix:

  • Update the modules:
composer update spryker/acl spryker/business-on-behalf-gui spryker/cms spryker/cms-block-gui spryker/cms-gui spryker/cms-slot-gui spryker/company-business-unit-gui spryker/company-gui spryker/company-role-gui spryker/company-user-gui spryker/configurable-bundle-gui spryker/configurable-bundle-gui spryker/discount spryker/file-manager-gui spryker/gui spryker/merchant-gui spryker/merchant-relationship-gui spryker/navigation-gui spryker/product-list-gui spryker/product-option spryker/product-packaging-unit-gui spryker/product-review-gui spryker/product-search spryker/product-set-gui spryker/tax spryker/user spryker-shop/cart-code-widget spryker-shop/cart-page spryker-shop/company-page spryker-shop/configurable-bundle-page spryker-shop/configurable-bundle-page spryker-shop/configurable-bundle-widget spryker-shop/customer-page spryker-shop/discount-widget spryker-shop/gift-card-widget spryker-shop/merchant-switcher-widget spryker-shop/multi-cart-page spryker-shop/product-alternative-widget spryker-shop/shared-cart-page spryker-shop/shared-cart-widget spryker-shop/shop-ui spryker-shop/shopping-list-page spryker-shop/wishlist-page spryker-shop/wishlist-widget

Vulnerabilities in 3rd-party dependencies

jQuery: Passing HTML from untrusted sources

Passing an HTML code containing <option> elements from untrusted sources, even after sanitizing them, to one of the jQuery’s DOM manipulation methods (for example, .html(), .append(), and others) may execute untrusted code in browser.

This problem is patched in jQuery 3.5.0.

To work around this issue without upgrading, use DOMPurify with its SAFE_FOR_JQUERY option to sanitize the HTML string before passing it to a jQuery method.

Affected modules:

  • Gui (3.34.1)

How to get the fix:

  • Update the modules:
composer update spryker/gui

acorn NPM library vulnerable to Regular Expression Denial of Service

Affected versions of acorn are vulnerable to Regular Expression Denial of Service. A regex in the form of /[x-\ud800]/u causes the parser to enter an infinite loop. The string is not valid UTF16, which usually results in it being sanitized before reaching the parser. If an application processes untrusted input and passes it directly to acorn, attackers may leverage the vulnerability leading to Denial of Service.

Affected modules:

  • Chart (1.3.1)

How to get the fix:

  • Update the modules:
composer update spryker/chart