Known Issues 202001.0

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During the 202001.0 product release, we have found some issues that will be fixed in the nearest future. This page contains the list of features and their issues.

Reorder the Previous Order

  • If an order contains a Bundle product reorder functionality does not work.
  • If an order contains a product with measurement units, reorder functionality does not work.

Split Delivery

Product Bundles are shown as a list of individual items instead of a Bundled item on the Edit shipment page in the Back Office on the Order Details page.

File Manager

In the B2C File Uploader in the Back Office, an error is thrown upon a file upload, and a file cannot be uploaded.

Concrete Products

Price per Concrete Products can’t be empty during the saving of the Concrete Products; at least one price should be listed. Inheritance for all other prices from Abstract to Concrete Products are working.