Refunds feature overview

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Refunds can be handled automatically in the Back Office once the order has been delivered. Your customers can return the entire order or parts thereof by means of the order splitting mechanism. Every order contains information about the total possible refund value and how much has already been refunded.

All refunds can be listed per order or as a full overview. All sales order items contain information about how much money can be refunded in total and how much has been refunded so far.

For the refunded items, you can use the default OMS states to be displayed on the Return Details pages on the Storefront or set custom state names so they would make more sense for the Storefront users. For details about setting the custom state names on the Storefront for refunded orders, see HowTo: display custom names for order item states on the Storefront.

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Developer guides

Are you a developer? See Refunds feature walkthrough for developers.