Alternative Products feature overview

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Suggesting product alternatives is a great way to ease the user’s product finding process. Instead of browsing the product catalog, product alternatives let customers jump from one product page to the next until they find a relevant item.

For marketplace relations, alternative products are useful because for a marketplace owner it is irrelevant from what merchant a buyer has bought a product. If a merchant does not have this product, the alternative product can be shown on the marketplace.

A Back Office user can add product alternatives for both abstract and concrete products in Catalog > Products.

All the available alternative products are shown on the abstract product details page, if one of the following occurs:

  • All the concrete products of the abstract one are in the “out of stock” status.
  • All the concrete products of the abstract one are discontinued.

Alternative products can be attached to any product, but will be displayed only if the product becomes “out of stock” or “Discontinued”.

Product replacement

On the product details page of a product that’s a product alternative for another product, you can see a Replacement for. This section displays that products to which the current product is added as an alternative.

Replacement for

Add product alternatives
Developer guides

Are you a developer? See Alternative Products feature walkthrough for developers.