Shopping list widget overview

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Shopping list is a list of items that a customer plans to buy. Many of the B2B customers compile shopping lists of items they buy on a regular basis. Also, such customers often use multiple shopping lists to cover their specific purchasing needs. For example, cafes prefer using Shopping list feature to create several shopping lists where they save items they keep ordering every day, week etc.

For customers’ convenience and ease of use, the shopping list widget is placed in the very header. When customer puts a cursor on the shopping list icon, a drop-down menu with all their shopping lists is displayed. For each shopping list the following details are provided in the drop-down menu:

  • Shopping list name.
  • First and last name of the person who created the shopping list.
  • Level of access for shopping list: full access (green) or read only (grey). See Multiple and Shared Shopping Lists Overview to learn more about shopping lists sharing and access levels.
  • Number of items in the shopping list.
  • Create New List button which adds a new list in Shopping list section.
  • All Shopping Lists button which leads to Shopping Lists page with all the shopping lists available for the customer. Shopping List widget