Customer Access feature overview

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Customer Access feature allows Store Administrators to decide whether a certain information is visible to logged out users or not.

After enabling the feature in your project, Store Administrator can see a new submenu Customer Access under Customer menu. Using Customer Access submenu, Store Administrator can hide the following content types:


  • price A visitor will not see the price if they are not logged in:

Settings in Admin UI (on the left) Shop application (on the right)


  • order-place-submit Having clicked on the Checkout button, the visitor is taken to the login page.

  • add-to-cart To be able to add the item to the cart, a visitor needs to log in.

  • wishlist Add to wishlist button is not available for a logged out user.

  • shopping-list Add to shopping list button is not available for a logged out user.

These content types are predetermined, though, you can extend the configuration on a project level. By default, all content types are hidden for a logged out user.

An unauthorized user will not be able to proceed with the checkout even if Add to Cart button is available. The user will see the login page.