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As a staring point to working with the Spryker Commerce OS, we created a list of all the capabilities we have to offer that arrive out-of-the-box.

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Capabilities are high level descriptions of what a certain facet of Spryker can do. Each Capability is mapped to a list of Features. A Feature is a specific aspect of a Capability, for example, the Inventory Management Capability includes the features, Stock and Availability Management and Multiple Warehouse Stock Management . All the features together help to define the exact scope of a Capability. This helps us to guide you to the relevant functionality you are looking for. Features on the Capability page

Each Feature has its own distinct functionality, this is the actionable information about a feature and describes the different activities you can perform with a feature like, Add, Delete, Modify, Extend etc. The Functionality for each Feature is listed according to user type to help distinguish between content intended for Developers (PHP Developers and Front End Developers), End Users who work with the Administration Interface (Category Managers, Sales, Marketing and Finance or any other people involved in creating and customizing your main interaction point with your customers), and E-commerce users (shop administrators who manage the account in the shop application).

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Capability Description
Back Office A powerful and user-friendly Administration Interface that allows you to manage all back office tasks with ease. Easily manage and create customer accounts and define who can access the Administration Interface. Keep track of all your internal processes including the management of your products, orders, customers and many more.
Cart The Spryker Commerce OS offers a powerful and full-feature online shopping cart that acts as gateway for customer and order management. Allow your customers to easily organize and manage their purchase and apply vouchers and coupon codes.
Catalog Management Build and organize a unique catalog that meets customers’ demands and allows them to find what they are looking for quickly. Easily manage product pages, translations, stock levels and pricing. With the powerful Category Management features you can easily build a custom category strategy that allows you to flexibly grow your product range and keep your catalog updated.
Checkout The multi-step checkout allows you to create a fully customized checkout workflow. Every step of the process can be adapted to suit your business needs.
CMS (Content Management) Seamlessly match your content with your store with the powerful and flexible CMS solution. The WYSIWYG editor permits you to build, edit and publish content effortlessly. The Spryker Commerce OS CMS supports localization and the creation of time restricted content, enabling you to flexibly create content for multiple stores and promotional campaigns.
Company Account Provide your B2B customers with a way to accurately map their business hierarchies, permissions and role management. With the creation of distinctive Business Units, the internal hierarchy can easily be mapped and each Unit can independently operate. A convenient Roles & Permissions System enables your customer’s buyers to clearly define purchasing and approval processes.
CRM (Customer Relationship Management) The compact and powerful customer management tool allows you to easily manage customer accounts and effectively monitor their shopping habits. Group your customers and create more personalized shopping experiences.
Cross-sell and Up-sell Drive your sales and reduce marketing spend with the upselling and cross-selling features. Easily define specific product relations to present customers with recommendations, let them browse through shop-the-look collections or buy bundled products during promotions.
SDK Create a reliable base for your OS that ensures security and high performance. Provide your developers with a collection of useful coding tools that help them validate their code while they work. The Spryker Commerce OS also offers production/staging deployment solutions for several different cloud platforms.
Gift Cards Effectively up your sales by allowing your customers to purchase and redeem gift cards. Gift card purchases can boost your brand awareness and help you reach new customers. Additionally you also benefit from shoppers who redeem gift cards, as they usually spend 20%+ more than the gift card’s value.
Inventory Management Check your inventory levels at a glance. The powerful Administration Interface allows you to easily keep an overview of your stock levels to display accurate availabilities on your store site.
Mailing and Notifications Drive customer engagement and keep them up-to-date. Send automated account emails and confirmations or offer different types of newsletter subscriptions.
Media Management Reduce your bounce rate effectively and create an enhanced shopping experience by providing impactful visuals while simultaneously maintaining fast response times. Easily add images and videos to any of your pages. To ensure fast response times all media is hosted on a separate server.
Multi-Channel Provide a holistic shopping experience by meeting your customers where they are. You can easily promote and sell your products and services across multiple channels beyond your store’s website. The responsive layout ensures a seamless experience across multiple devices.
Navigation Create an effortless store flow with a strong shop navigation. Flexibly add any kind of navigational elements and plan the visibility of promotional content.
Order Management Efficiently keep track of your order processing and ensure quick fulfillment. Easily view and edit incoming orders through the Administration Interface and keep your order management running smoothly.
Packaging & Measurement Units The Spryker Commerce OS lets you flexibly define values for selling your products in weight, length or quantity. Individual Packaging enables you to sell the same item in different bundle sizes. This enables you to enrich your product choice and gives more flexibility for your customers.
Payment Meet your customers’ demands by offering the payment methods they prefer. Integrate multiple payment gateways easily, define their availability and customize how they appear on your site.
Price Incorporate your pricing strategy into your Commerce OS effortlessly and save valuable time.
Product Management Ensure a smooth shopping experience with powerful product management features. Build appropriate category hierarchies, assign custom labels to products and include additional services like gift wrapping. Run effective promotional campaigns via time limited offers and provide product recommendations and Shop-the-Look collections.
Promotions and Discounts Drive your sales with the highly flexible promotion features. Offer free shipping, special prices, free gifts, threshold promotions or several types of discounts. You can also expand your reach with discount vouchers and coupon codes. Enhance customer engagement by specifying the visibility of certain content or personalizing any CMS element.
Rating and Reviews Empower your customers to create ratings and reviews of your products to receive valuable feedback.
Search and Filter Let shoppers browse your catalog quickly with the highly flexible filter and search features. Include full-text search, search suggestions and auto-completion to refine the search results. Offer unique filtering options by specifying by which categories or attributes your catalog should be organized.
SEO Improve the search engine ranking of your store and let potential customers find your store quickly. Powerful SEO features enable you to add customized meta information to all your content and create search engine friendly URLs.
Shipment Integrate multiple shipment carriers and methods to ensure fast and easy delivery through the carriers your customers prefer. Offer free shipping and rule-based discounts, allow multi-currency pricing and enable a shipment method to be selected automatically based on the shipping address.
Shopping List Enable your Business customers to save the products they wish to purchase through the Shopping List Capability. Different roles and permission systems ensure a smooth sharing and contribution management amongst a company’s users. Printing a Shopping List, with or without a barcode, make the reordering process easy for your customers. With a direct-to-cart feature, customers can immediately add items to their Cart. Offer free shipping and rule-based discounts, allow multi-currency pricing and enable a shipment method to be selected automatically based on the shipping address.
Tax Adhere to the respective tax regulations in the countries you sell and effortlessly configure and manage tax rates for products, shipments and additional services like gift-wrapping. To support global expansion, the Spryker Commerce OS enables you to easily define tax rates for different countries.
Technology Partner Integrations Leverage the tools, knowledge and experience of industry leaders to augment your activity with well-known, payment providers, performance and hosting solutions.
Wishlists Enabling your customers to track and save the products they wish to purchase through a wish list function effectively reduces cart abandonment, boosts your sales and allows you to keep track of which products your customers are interested in.
Workflow & Process Management Enabling your customers to track and save the products they wish to purchase through a wish list function effectively reduces cart abandonment, boosts your sales and allows you to keep track of which products your customers are interested in.