Publish to Live

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Publishing functionality is a part of the backoffice.

When you add or edit CMS Pages and Blocks in the backoffice, the changes are not available in your online shop.

In order to make your page or block live, you need to publish the changes once they are final:

  • For the CMS Block you need to activate it by clicking Activate.
  • For the CMS Page, you need to publish it by clicking Publish.

Let’s say you have a CMS page with a special promotion information for a red t-shirt.

Either your marketing team, or an e-commerce manager, creates a CMS page record in the Back Office with an appropriate title and description for it.

They know that in the description section, a suitable image should be added. But the image itself is not yet provided to the team.

So they save the page but not publish it. Once the image is provided, the team:

  • updates the page by adding this image;
  • saves the changes;
  • publishes it so that your shop visitors see this wonderful promotion.

Since now this page is live and visible in the store.