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The Spryker Commerce OS offers a powerful and feature rich online shopping cart that acts as a gateway for customer and order management. With the cart your customers can easily add products to cart and organize items in the cart and manage their purchases. Any changes the customer makes within the cart trigger an automatic sum-recalculation that is immediately applied to the total in the sum. Pre-defined taxes are applied and shown automatically. Moreover, the cart provides the Flexibly to define discount rules and allow customers to apply vouchers and coupon codes.

Read more if you are responsible for creating marketing content or are responsible for finances and end-customer experience.

The main benefits of working with the cart are to create a convenient and predictable purchase experience to ensure an increase in conversion rates that is typically gained by using a feature-rich shopping cart.


Cart Functionality Calculation 3.0 Cart Rules and Discounts Minimum Order Value Shared Cart Multiple Carts Per User Shopping Cart Widget Cart Notes Quick Order