Create merchant relations

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This document describes how to create merchant relations in the Back Office.


  1. Create a merchant.
  2. Create a company.
  3. Optional: Create a product list. It’s needed to allow or deny a company access to certain products.
  4. Review the reference information before you start, or look up the necessary information as you go through the process.

Create a merchant relation

  1. Go to Marketplace > Merchant Relations.
  2. On the Overview of Merchant relation page, click Add Merchant relation.
  3. On the Create Merchant Relation page, select a MERCHANT.
  4. Select a COMPANY.
  5. Click Confirm.
  7. Optional: Enter and select one or more ASSIGNED BUSINESS UNITS.
  8. Optional: Enter and select one or more ASSIGNED PRODUCT LISTS.
  9. Click Save.

Reference information: Create a merchant relation

MERCHANT A merchant that will be selling products to the company.
COMPANY A company that will be buying products from the merchant.
BUSINESS UNIT OWNER The business unit that has a contract with the merchant.
ASSIGNED BUSINESS UNITS The business units that will be ordering products from the merchant.
ASSIGNED PRODUCT LISTS Product lists to allow or deny the company access to. If you add an allowlist product list, only the product from the list will be available to the company. If you don’t select any lists, the entire product catalog will be available to the company.

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