Managing product reviews

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This topic describes how to manage product reviews received from the customers.

Learn how to:

  • Check the contents of a review, such as summary and description.
  • Change the status of the reviews to be displayed for shop users.
  • Delete the reviews you have found abusive, inappropriate, etc.


To start working with reviews, navigate to the Products > Product Reviews section.

Checking reviews

Before changing the status or deleting a review, you can first read its contents.

To read a review, click the arrow in the very first column of the List of product reviews table.

Changing statuses of reviews

You can change the statuses of the reviews that have been submitted by the customers of your shop.

To change the status of a review:

  1. In the Actions column, click Change status.
  2. Set the new status: Approve or Reject.

Deleting reviews

You can delete a review, so it will no longer be shown on the List of product reviews.

To delete a review, in the Actions column, click Delete .


Keep in mind that there is no confirmation screen or pop-up shown. The review is deleted right after you click Delete.

Tips and tricks
You can quickly navigate to the View Product Abstract or View Customer page in the Back Office. Click the hyperlinked Product Name or Customer value in the List of product reviews table.