Overview of the Back Office user guide

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The Back Office user guide helps shop administrators and shop owners manage their stores from the shop administration area or the Back Office.

To execute the tasks from this guide, you should:

  1. Have the Spryker B2B Demo Shop or the Spryker B2C Demo Shop installed by a developer.
  2. Log in to the Back office at http://zed.de.b2c-demo-shop.local (for the B2C Demo Shop) or http://zed.de.b2b-demo-shop.local (for the B2B Demo Shop) with these credentials: user admin@spryker.com, password change123.
Reading tip

If you are only interested in a B2C scenario, feel free to ignore all content flagged as B2B. However, we highly recommend that B2B users first understand the shop management fundamentals by reviewing the B2C content before progressing to the B2B content.