Managing reclamations

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This topic describes how to manage all order claims made by your customers.


To start working with claims, go to Sales > Reclamations.

You can either view or close the reclamation from the Actions column of the *List of Reclamations *table.

Review the reference information before you start, or just look up the necessary information as you go through the process.

Viewing reclamations

To view reclamation details for a specific order: Click View next to the order you want to view the reclamation for. You are taken to the Overview of reclamation: [Reclamation ID] page.

Reference information: Viewing reclamations

Product Contains information about the product: the product image, name, SKU, color. Clicking the product name takes you to the View Product Abstract: [Product ID] page
Unit Price (GROSS_MODE) Item price without taxes.
Item Total Total amount paid for the item.
State Current state of the item. Clicking the state shows the state.

Closing reclamations

To close a reclamation, click Close next to the order you want to close the reclamation for. The state of the reclamation chages from Open to Closed in the State column.

Tips & tricks
While viewing a reclamation, you can:

  • Navigate to the View Order page of the order that is claimed.
  • Navigate to the View Product Abstract page of the product that is in the claimed order.

  • To navigate to the View Order page, click the hyperlinked order reference number.
  • To open the View Product page, click the hyperlinked abstract product name.