Creating product relations

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This topic describes how you create a product relation.


To start working with product relations, go to Merchandising > Product Relations.

Creating product relations

To create a product relation:

  1. On the Product Relations page, in the top right corner, click Create Product Relation. The Create Product Relation page opens.

  2. In the General section of the Settings tab, do the following:

    • Enter a Product Relation Key.
    • Select a Relation type.
    • Select Update regularly for the related products to be updated automatically on a regular basis according to the product relation’s rules.
    • Select the Is active checkbox to activate the product relation (to make it visible on the Storefront).
  3. In the Product owning the relation section, next to the products you want to create a product relation with, click Select.

  4. In the Store relation section, select the stores you want the product relation to be displayed in.

  5. Switch to the Products tab or click Next.

  6. Click Add rule or Add group, depending on the conditions you want to specify. To learn more about rules, see Related product rules.

  7. For the rule/group, select the operator:

    • AND: the selected products are displayed if all the specified conditions are fulfilled
    • OR: the selected products are displayed if at least one of the specified conditions is fulfilled
  8. Populate the required drop-downs and fields for the rule/group.

  9. To keep the changes, click Save. The table is automatically updated to display the abstract product that fulfills the specified rules/groups.

Tips & tricks

  • If you want a product relation to be displayed on the Product details page or the Cart page, define at least one Store relation.
  • Filter the products in the Select product table by entering a product name or SKU in the Search field.
  • You can delete a rule or group by clicking Delete for a specific entry.
  • Go back to the Product Relation page by clicking List of product relations in the top right corner.
Saving changes

Make sure to click Save before clicking List of product relations or going to any other Back Office section. Otherwise, the changes are discarded.

For reference information, see Reference information: Creating, editing, and viewing product relations

What’s next?

To learn more about how to edit, view, or delete a product relation, see Managing product relations.