Managing company users

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This topic describes how to manage company users.


To start working with company users, go to the Customers > Company Users section.


Make sure you have a company role, company, and business unit created.

Review the reference information before you start, or just look up the necessary information as you go through the process.

Creating company users

To add a new company user:

  1. On the Overview of Company Users page, in the top right corner, click Add User.
  2. On the Create Company User page:
    1. Enter customer’s email, salutation, first name, last name, and gender in the respective fields.
    2. If you want the email with change password details be sent to the customer, select the Send password token through email checkbox.
    3. Enter the date of birth and phone values.
    4. Select company and business units from the respective drop-down lists.
    5. Enter the phone number of the user (optional).
    6. Check the checkbox for the roles you want to assign to the user. The values available for selection are limited by those assigned to a company. See Managing company roles to learn how the company roles are created.
  3. Click Save.

Editing a company user

To edit a company user:

  1. On the Overview of Company Users page, in the Actions column, click Edit for the user you want to update.
  2. Update the needed values and click Save.

All values are available for modifications except for the email. The Email field is greyed out and is not available for modifications.

Reference information: Creating and editing and a company user

The following table describes the attributes you see, select, or enter while creating or editing a company user.

Email Email of the customer that is used for logging in to the online store. It is not available for modifications on the Edit page.
Salutation Formal salutation for the customer (Mr, Mrs, Ms, Dr).
First Name Customer first name.
Last Name Customer last name.
Gender Customer gender.
Date of birth Customer date of birth.
Company Drop-down list with the companies from Customers > Companies. This selection defines the list of available business unit.
Business Unit Business unit to which the user is going to be assigned. The list of the available values depends on the selected company.
Assigned Roles Roles assigned to the customer.
Unassigned Roles Roles that you can select to be assigned to the customer.

Attaching a company user to a business unit

To attach a company user to a new company business unit within the same company:

  1. On the Overview of Company Users page, in the Actions column, click Attach to BU for a user for which you want to change the assigned business unit.
  2. On the Attach to Business Unit page:
    1. Select a business unit you would like the company user to be attached to from the drop-down list.
    2. Assign the role under the Assigned Roles section.
  3. Click Save.

Enabling and disabling a company user

If the company User is currently deactivated, in the Actions column, click the Enable option to activate the user.

To deactivate an enabled user, click Disable. Enabling a company user

Deleting a company user

To delete a company user:

  1. On the Overview of Company Users page, click Delete in the Actions column.
  2. On the Company user deletion confirmation page, confirm the deletion.

If confirmed, the user is deleted from everywhere and is no longer able to log in to the online store.