Managing file list

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The File List section is a way to quickly review all the files from the file tree.


In the File List section, you can do the actual managing action only in case you already have the files in the file tree.

To start working with the file list, navigate to File Manager > File List.

Viewing files

To view a file:

  1. On the File List page in the Actions column, click View.
  2. On the View File page, you see the version, file name, the date and time when the file was uploaded.

Tips and tricks
On this page, you can download the file:

  1. Click Download in the Actions column.
  2. Follow the download pop-up instructions.

Editing files

To edit a file:

  1. On the File List page in the Actions column, click Edit.
  2. On the Edit File page, update the attributes.
  3. Click Save.

On the Edit File page, an additional tab name File versions appears.

The File versions tab shows the version of the file.

  • A new version is created if you download a new file instead of the one already used.
  • If you only update the attributes, no new version is created.

Tips and tricks
In the File versions tab, you can manage the versions by:

  • Removing the not needed versions. Click Delete in the Actions column for the version you want to remove.
  • Downloading a specific version by clicking Download.

Deleting files

If the file is no longer needed, you can permanently delete it from the system.

To delete a file, in the Actions column, click Delete for a file you want to remove.