Managing product attributes

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This topic describes how to manage product attributes.


To start managing attributes, go to Catalog > Attributes.

Review the reference information before you start, or look up the necessary information as you go through the process.

Viewing product attributes

To view a product attribute, select View next to the product attribute you want to view.

On the View Product Attributes page that opens, you can see the general information of the attribute, its predefined values, and translations.

To edit the product attribute, select Edit in the top right corner of the page.

Editing product attributes

To edit a product attribute:

  1. Select Edit next to the product attribute you want to edit. On the Edit Product Attributes page that opens, the Attribute Key, Input type, and Super attribute are disabled. You can define them only when creating a product attribute.

  2. Update Predefined Values:

    • Delete one or more predefined values by selecting x next to the each value you want to remove.
    • Add predefined values:
      1. Enter a predefined value and press Enter.
      2. Repeat the previous step until you add all the desired values.
  3. Select Save. This takes you to the 2. Translations tab with the success message displayed.

  4. Update translations:

    • Update the Translation of the desired attribute keys for the desired locales.
    • Update the Translation of the desired predefined attribute values for the desired locales.
    • To localize predefined parameter values:
      1. Select Translate predefined values.
      2. Enter a Translation for the predefined parameter values for all the locales.
    • To delocalize all the predefined parameter values for all the locales, clear the Translate predefined values checkbox.
  5. Select Save. This takes you to the View Product Attribute page with the success message displayed.

Tips and tricks
To apply a translation to all the other locales, select copy to other languages icon Copy to other languages next to the Translation you want to apply.

Reference information: Editing product attributes

This section describes attributes that you see, select and enter when editing product attributes.

Attribute Key Name of the attribute, for example, color.
Input type Data format of the of the attribute value.
Super attribute Defined if the product attribute is a super attribute. Super attributes distinguish concrete products of an abstract product.
Predefined values Values for you attribute, e.g., if the attribute is a color, the values for it can be red, green, black, etc.
Allow input any value other than predefined ones Checkbox that defines whether you can enter the values other than the predefined ones when creating or updating a product variant.
Translation Translation for either an attribute key into the other language based on the locales for which you add the translation.
Translate predefined values Checkbox that defines if the predefined values will also be translated. If selected, the predefined value itself and the Translation field for it appears.