Creating carrier companies

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The topic describes how to create a carrier company.


To start working with the carrier companies, go to Administration > Delivery Methods.

Creating carrier companies

To create a carrier company:

  1. In the top-right corner of the Delivery Methods page, click +Create new carrier company.
  2. On the Create new Carrier company page, enter a name for the carrier company:

The name you enter will be visible on the Create new delivery method page only.

  1. To activate the carrier company, select the Enabled? checkbox.
  2. To complete the creation, click Add.

To get back to the list of delivery methods, click List of shipment methods. However, clicking this option prior to saving the changes discards all the changes and takes you to the Delivery Methods page.

Next steps

You have now added a new carrier company for your store. The next step is to add a new shipment method to it. For more details, see Creating and managing delivery methods.