Creating user groups

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This document describes how to create user groups.


  1. If you are new to the Users section, you might want to start with Best practices: Managing users and their permissions with roles and groups.
  2. Create at least one user role. For instructions, see Creating user roles.
  3. To start working with user groups, go to Users > User Groups.

Review the reference information before you start, or look up the necessary information as you go through the process.

Creating groups

  1. Click Create Group.
  2. On the Create new Group, page enter a TITLE.
  3. Select one or more ASSIGNED ROLES.
  4. Click Save. This opens the Edit Group page with the success message displayed.

Reference information: Creating user groups

TITLE Unique identifier of the user group. You will use it to identify the group when creating users.
ASSIGNED ROLES The user roles to be assigned to the group. For role creating instructions, see Creating user roles.

Tips and tricks The USERS pane is empty. After you create a user and assign it to this group, the user will be displayed in the pane.

Next steps

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