Reference information - returns

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This topic contains the reference information for working with Returns in Sales>Returns.

List of Returns Page

On the Returns page, you see the following:

  • Return reference
  • Order reference
  • Return Products (number of the sales order items that were returned)
  • Return Date
  • State
  • Actions

By default, the last created return goes on top of the table. However, you can sort and search the list of returns.

All columns with headers having arrows in the List of Returns table are sortable.

Actions Column

All the return management options that you can invoke from the Actions column on the List of Returns page are described in the following table.

Action Description
View Takes you to the Overview of Return: [Return reference] page. Here, you can find all the information about the chosen review.
Print Slip Takes you to the print version of the return slip.

Overview of Return [Return Reference] Page

The following table describes the attributes on the Overview of Return [Return reference] page when you view a return.

Returned Items Section

Attribute Description
Product List of all items included in the return.
Quantity Product quantity.
Price Product price.
Price Total amount paid for the item.
State Return state for the item.
Trigger event List of all states of the return in the sales order items.
Trigger all matching states States that you can trigger for all items in the return at once.

Total Section

The Total section displays the total amount of items to be returned.

General Information Section

Attribute Description
Order Reference Reference number of the order.
Return Reference Reference number of the return.
Return Date Date when the return was created.
State State of the return.

Customer Section

Attribute Description
Customer reference Reference of the customer.
Name Customer name.
Email Customer’s email address.