Managing category filters

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This topic describes how to manage category filters.


To start working with category filters, go to Merchandising > Category Filters. To set up a category filter, you need to have a filter preference setup in the Merchandising > Filter Preferences section.

Before adding a filter to the category, make sure that the product (with an attribute with a specific attribute key for which a filter preference exists
is assigned to this specific category. Otherwise, the filter will not bring any results once selected in the online store.)

Adding a filter to a category

This procedure shows how to customize filter behavior by adding filters to a category.

To add a filter to a category:

  1. Select the root category from the Root nodes list table. The Category tree section is populated by the nodes nested under the selected root category.

  2. Select a category to overwrite the default global settings. To find a specific category, start entering its name in the Search field, and the results will be automatically highlighted in Category tree.

  3. After selecting a category, the Category Filters for [Category name] frame opens to show the current configuration. Adding a filter to a category

    Categories in the category tree view that have manually defined filter settings are marked with a pencil icon next to their name. Category tree view

  4. Start typing the name of the existing filter in the Add filter field. As you type, the autocompleted drop-down appears, so you can select a filter there.

  5. After selecting the filter, click Add. The filter appears in the Active filters list.

  6. Once done, click Save.

Tips and tricks Clicking Reset to global settings in Category Filters for [Category name] removes the customized filter settings. Reset to global settings

Reordering filters

To reorder filters, In Active filters, drag and drop them to the necessary place. Reordering filters

Removing a filter

You can remove either all filters from the active filters at once or just single filters.

  1. To remove all filters, in Active filters, click Remove all. Removing a filter
  2. To remove single filters, click the basket icon next to the filter you want to remove.
  3. Once done, click Save. The removed filters are moved to the Inactive filters list. Removing a single filter

Tips and tricks To add the removed filters again, click on the green plus sign next to the filters you want to add back from Inactive filters. Add a removed filter