Managing customers

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This article describes the how to manage customers.

To start managing customers, navigate to the Customers > Customers section.

Creating a Customer

To create a new customer:

  1. In the top-right corner of the Customers page,click Add Customer .
  2. On the Add a customer page, enter the customer information. The customer information must include first name, last name, and the email address that will be linked to the new account. The email address is important for completing the registration (by accessing the link that will be sent by email) or for later use of the forgot password functionality.
  3. Send password token by email by selecting the Send password token through email checkbox. After saving the customer data, an email will be sent to the customer containing a link. By accessing the link, the customer will be able to set a password for the account.
If you don’t select this option, the customer is still able to set a password for their account, by clicking the reset password link from the online store.
4. To complete the customer creation, click **Save**. This creates the new customer with the *Unverified* status in the *Customers* table. At the same time, the customer receives an email with the verification link that they must click to get verified and start using the online store as registered users do. Once they verified their account via the link in the email, the status in *Customers* table changes to *Verified*. ![image](

To know more about the attributes you see, select, and enter while creating a customer, see Customers: Reference Information.

Editing Customers

To edit a customer:

  1. For a specific customer, you need to update, click Edit in the Actions column on the Customers page.
  2. On the Edit Customer page you see the same attributes as on the Add a customer page, but with the following exceptions:
    • The Email field is greyed out and is not available for updates.
    • You see two additional drop-down lists: Billing Address and Shipping Address. The values in those fields appear only if the addresses were added in the customer profile in the online store, or from the Back Office > View specific customer page. Those are not available for modifications from the Edit Customer page.
  3. Update the needed values and click Save.

Tips and tricks From the Edit customer page you can:

  • Switch to the View customer page, where you can manage the addresses by adding a new address or updating the existing one (see the Viewing Customer Details section below)
  • Delete the customer record (see the Deleting a Customer Record section below)

Viewing Customer Details

The View customer details page is designed to serve more purposes than just seeing the details.

On this page, you can view the orders placed by the customer, edit the addresses, or add another address, leave descriptive messages in the Notes section.

To know how the customer addresses are managed, see Managing Customer Addresses.

Viewing customer details

To view customer details:

  1. Click View in the list of customers. OR
  2. Click View in the top right corner of the Edit Customer page.

If the customer has addresses, they can be edited in the Addresses section of the View Customer page.

Leaving a note

To leave a note:

  1. On the View Customer page, scroll down to the Notes section.
  2. In the Message box, type your message and click Add Note.

Deleting a customer record

To delete a customer record:

  1. In the Actions column of the Customers table, click View for the customer record you want to delete.

  2. On the View Customer page, click Delete on top of the page.

  3. On the Customer deletion confirmation page, click Delete account. OR

  4. In the Actions column of the Customers table, click Edit for the customer record you want to delete.

  5. On the Edit Customer page, click Delete on top of the page.

  6. On the Customer deletion confirmation page, click Delete account.