Adding product alternatives

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This article describes how to add product alternatives for a product.

To start working with product alternatives, go to Catalog > Products.

The product alternative is displayed on the Product Details page. This allows your customer to select another item with similar characteristics. It can also help your customers make a purchase if the product they initially review is out of stock. For example, if smartphone 1 is out of stock, or discontinued, you can set smartphone 2 to be its alternative.

To set product alternatives for a product, do the following:

  1. On the Edit Concrete Product page, switch to the Product Alternatives tab.

  2. To add product alternatives, enter Product Name or its SKU in the Add Product Alternative by Name or SKU field. You can add multiple alternative products. Adding product alternatives

  3. Click Save.

Once the setup is completed, the page is refreshed to display the table with the alternative products you have added. To remove any alternative product, click Remove in the Actions column.

Tips and tricks The product alternatives will be displayed on the concrete product page only when it is out of stock or discontinued. In any other case, no alternatives are displayed. However, for each product added as an alternative one, a Replacement for section is going to be displayed: Replacement for{height=“200” width=””}

In addition to the alternatives section, a dynamic label is assigned to the product for which the alternatives are set up. Product label alternatives{height=”” width=“500”}

What’s next? See the articles in the References section for more examples of the alternative products.