Reference information - product attributes

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This document describes the reference information for managing product attributes, and provides examples of regular and super product attributes.

On the Attributes page, you see the following information:

  • Autogenerated attribute ID.
  • Attribute key.
  • An identifier that shows if an attribute is a super attribute: true stand for a super attribute, and false stands for a regular attribute.
  • Attribute type
  • Attribute actions.

The following table describes the attributes you enter and select on the Create a Product Attribute page.

Attribute Description
Attribute Key Name of the attribute you create, for example, color.
Input type Defines the data format of the of the attribute value.
Super attribute Defined if the product attribute is a super attribute. Super attributes distinguish concrete products of an abstract product.
Predefined values The values for you attribute, e.g. if the attribute you create is a color, the values for it can be red, green, black, etc.
Allow input any value other than predefined ones A checkbox that defines whether you can enter the values other than the predefined ones when creating or updating a product variant.
Translation The translation for either an attribute key into the other language based on the locales for which you add the translation.
Translate predefined values A checkbox that defines if the predefined values will also be translated. If selected, the predefined value itself and the Translation field for it appears.

The super attributes are displayed in the Variants tab of the Create a Product page of an abstract product. Create a product

Once you select any super attribute, you will be able to select among its values. Select a superattribute

The descriptive attributes are displayed on the Attribute Management page of the abstract and concrete product. Unlike the super attributes that are defined during the abstract product creation, the descriptive attributes can be added and removed at any point in time. Attribute management

In the online store, the descriptive attributes are displayed on the product details page of a specific product: Descriptive attributes{height=“340” width=“250”}