Creating product attributes

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This document describes how to create product attributes.

To start working with attributes, go to Catalog > Attributes.

A new product usually needs a super attribute and a regular attribute. The super attribued is used to distinguish product variants and the regular attribued is used to define product characteristics.

To create a product attribute:

  1. On the Attributes page, select + Create Product Attribute.
  2. On the Create a Product Attribute page, enter an Attribute Key.
Attribute key format
The **Attribute Key** field accepts lower case letters, digits, numbers, underscores, hyphens, and colons.
3. Select an **Input type**. 4. To make this attribute a supper attribute, select the **Super attribute** checkbox. This disables the **Allow input any value other than predefined** checkbox because a super attribute always uses predefined values. 5. In the **Predefined Values** field, enter a desired predefined value and press `Enter`. 6. Repeat the previous step until you add all the desired predefined values. 7. To allow adding the values that are different from the predefined ones, select **Allow input any value other than predefined ones**. 8. Select **Save**. This takes you to the **2. Translations** tab. 9. In the **2. Translations** tab, enter a **Translation** for the attribute key for all the locales. 10. Optional: Localize predefined parameter values: 1. Select **Translate predefined values**. 2. Enter a **Translation** for the predefined parameter values for all the locales. 11. Select **Save**. This takes you to the *View Product Attribute* page with the success message displayed.

Tips and tricks To apply a translation to all the other locales, select copy to other languages icon Copy to other languages next to the Translation you want to apply.

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