Reference information - threshold

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This topic contains the reference information for working in the following Back Office sections:

  • Administration > Merchant Relationships Threshold
  • Administration > Global Threshold
  • Administration > Threshold Settings

The following table describes the attributes used to configure thresholds:

Attribute Description
Store and Currency Defines the store to which the threshold is applied and the currency in which it is displayed.
Enter threshold value Depending on the threshold type, defines the value that should be reached or not reached.
Message A short message that informs the customer about the threshold conditions. For example, You should add items for {{threshold}} to pass a recommended threshold. You can’t proceed with checkout.

Enter {{threshold}} or {{fee}} to reference the threshold name or the defined fee respectively. When the message is rendered on the Storefront, the placeholders are replaced with the values from Enter threshold value and Enter flexible fee or Enter fixed fee fields.
Enter fixed fee Adds this value to cart if the threshold is not reached.
Enter flexible fee A percentage of an order’s sub-total that is added to cart if the threshold is not reached.