Managing glossary

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This article describes how to manage translations. To start managing translations, go to the Administration > Glossary section.

To create a new translation:

  1. In the top-right corner of the Overview of Translations page click Create Translation.
  2. On the Create Translation page, do the following:
  3. Enter the glossary key in the Name field.
You can not just add/update a glossary key without using it in code, otherwise the translation will not be applied. Threfore, if you need to add a new translation, ask a developer to apply the glossary key and its translation values in code as well.
4. Populate the glossary values per the locales. 5. Once done, click **Save**.

This is the example of how the translations can look like: Example of translations

To edit an existing translation:

  1. On the Overview of Translations page, click Edit in the Actions column for a specific glossary key.
  2. On the Edit Translation page, change the translation values in the locales (the Name field is greyed out thus the glossary key itself is not available for modifications).
  3. Once done, click Save.