Reference information - delivery methods

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This topic contains the reference information for working with delivery methods in Administration > Shipment > Delivery Methods.

Delivery Methods Page

In the Delivery Methods section, you see the following:

  • Carrier companies with the delivery methods they have
  • Status of the delivery method
  • Availability of the delivery method per store
  • Actions you can perform on the delivery method

On the page, you can do the following:

  • Trigger the following actions: create a carrier company and/or a delivery method, view, edit and/or delete the delivery method
  • Sort by Delivery Method Key, Carrier Company, Name, and Status.
  • Search by Name and Carrier Company.

Create, Edit and View Delivery Methods Pages

The following table describes the attributes you see, select, or enter while viewing or editing a delivery method.

Attribute Definition
Delivery Method Key Fixed value of the delivery method indicated in the database.
Name Name for the delivery method.
Carrier Drop-down list of carrier companies available in the shop application.
Availability Plugin Drop-down list of the Availability plugins implemented in the back-end. The purpose of this plugin is to check if the delivery method is available for the customer.
Price Plugin Drop-down list of the Price plugins. You can either provide a static price for your delivery method or select a configured price plugin.
Delivery Time Plugin Drop-down list of the Delivery time plugins implemented in the back-end. The purpose of this plugin is to calculate the estimated time for the delivery method.
Is active Checkbox that allows enabling or disabling the delivery method.