Managing Reclamations

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This topic describes how to manage all order claims made by your customers. To start working with claims, go to Sales > Reclamations.

You can either view or close the reclamation from the Actions column of the List of Reclamations table.

To view reclamation details for a specific order: Click View next to the order you want to view the reclamation for.

To close a reclamation: Click Close next to the order you want to close the reclamation for. The state of the reclamation will change from Open to Closed in the State column.

Tips and tricks While viewing a reclamation, you can:

  • Navigate to the View Order page of the order that is claimed.
  • Navigate to the View Product Abstract page of the product that is in the claimed order.

To navigate to the View Order page, click the hyperlinked order reference number. To open the View Product Page, click the hyperlinked abstract product name.

What’s next? To learn about additional details regarding the Reclamations page, see the Reclamations: Reference Information article.